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Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Spy Table II

It was so much fun making the first I Spy table that I wanted to make another, smaller one. I am pleased with how it turned out. I found a simple side table at Goodwill for a few dollars. Then came white spray paint and the trim on the edge of the table. Since this one is so much smaller than the first and because I knew what I was doing this time, it turned out with even more of a spying challenge.

We had our fun with it and then gave it to the school to be auctioned off. I don't know who won it or how much it went for but hope that it is being enjoyed by someone, somewhere.
P. S. I Spy Waldo. (As in "Where's Waldo)


  1. I totally love this and the first one too!! After seeing the first one, I was thinking I don't have enough patience to do one myself. But now seeing the second one, I'm motivated to try! My son would love an I-Spy table!! I'm now on the lookout for a small table! Thanx for sharing :)
    New follower here!

  2. Love this. I am going to attempt to do this for my kids school auction. I have heard resin is frustrating to work with. Any advice?