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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Polar Express Christmas Party

Last Christmas we headed up the decorations for the Christmas party at church.  The theme was Polar Express.  What fun we had with the decorations albeit, very time consuming!
Here you can see the train and the track.  The red in the background is the tunnel.  We had the food  tables as part of the train behind the engine on the track.

 The overall view, but blurry unfortunately. We used lots of paper!  Paper snowflakes and paper tree decorations on the tables.

This was my favorite part...Tomato cage Christmas trees that blocked the tunnel entrance to the North Pole.  I made a sleeve to fit over the tomato cages and then hot glued strips of fabric to the sleeves. The tunnel was made from pool noodles, PVC pipes and red plastic table cloths. 
Through the tunnel, the kids arrived at the North Pole where they found crafts and a visit from Santa.

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